Justine edited by Jana Pettey (magazine)

(2014, August/September). Justine Magazine, pp. 1-100.

Genera: Fashion, Advice, Celebrities, Reviews

Reading level/ interest age: 14+

Plot summary:

This issue of Justine magazine contains a two page review of the new book Homeroom Diaries, which is sure to be a smash hit with back-to-school season right around the corner. Several articles detail the newest, must-have fashions for the school year. This August issue also has do-it-yourself ideas on jazzing up a room and adding some cool prints to make leggings pop. Take a quiz on cheating and hear fellow teens speak about their misadventures.

Justine prides itself on building positive self-esteem in teens. Ads are geared toward more realistic portrayals of teen girls. The magazine contains none of the typical glossy pages found in other teenage magazines such as beauty product items or expensive clothing. Photo shoots are modest and contain no Photoshop touchups. Readers will find no extensive articles on accessories or pushes to buy brand name items. Justine’s August issue also contains an interview with two Disney Channel starlets who serve as fantastic role models for this age group. Most of the magazine is also dedicated to book reviews and details the releases of upcoming movies teens may take interest in. Lastly, Justine contains summaries of TV episodes teens watch so that they can keep track of their favorite shows.

Reader’s annotation:

Quit wasting your money on Seventeen! Justine has affordable styles, reviews of upcoming movies, and models you may actually know.

Information about the author:

“Jana Kerr Pettey (a self-prescribed teenager at heart) has worked with thousands of teen girls over the past 20 years in various leadership and mentoring programs. Her proudest work achievement has been the founding of Justine magazine, the national girl teen magazine, whose mission is to inspire and motivate teens to be their best selves. Prior to Justine, she worked with her sister’s company—Pat Kerr, Inc.—in every capacity possible marketing beautiful antique lace wedding gowns to the world. Although she has not landed in her ideal job (wanting to be a librarian in the 5th grade and reading all day long), she is connected to the book world through Justine’s involvement in the YA genre” (PublishersLaunch.com, 2014).

Curriculum ties: N/A

Booktalking ideas:

1.       What book are you most interested in reading based on the magazine’s reviews?
2.       How much can you relate to Justine versus Seventeen?

Critical evaluation:

Justine magazine is a breath of fresh air in the age of consumerism. Models in the articles are relatable and also the same age as the readers. Many are just local high school students who have been recruited for a short photo shoot. Also, hair styles and make-up are not over-the-top and expensive accessories are non-existent. Justine prides itself in being relatable to average teenage girls and the magazine keeps its promise. Styles are affordable and easy to assemble, beauty techniques are doable, and the articles tell stories that are down-to-earth. Justine could also appeal to librarians because of the sheer amount of book reviews and movie critiques it contains. Anyone who may be interested in learning about the newest releases in the young adult genre can leaf through the pages for ideas. This magazine is great for hooking readers interested in relatable content as Justine is not flashy like most other teen magazines. Interviews often contain good role models and the do-it-yourself ideas are fun. This magazine is a great addition to any collection.

Challenge issues: N/A

Why included:

Justine magazine prides itself on having more realistic depictions of teenage girls which can help those struggling with body image issues and can boost self-esteem. The styles are achievable and affordable which can appeal to those on a budget.


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