December 09, 2014

The End

Finishing my final post today! What an exciting project this has been. With 915 page views to date and a small handful of followers, I had no idea that this page would be so successful. I am happy to have completed this blog and am looking forward to taking more classes next semester. Wish me luck!

August 29, 2014

Now we're rolling

Six days after I started this project I finally have the entire list of all the materials I want to include. Bare with me as I begin to add content.

August 28, 2014

The begining


I just started LIBR 265 and have been asked to create a blog as part of our final project. This blog will contain fifty tiles of various materials in the young adult genre. I wanted to begin this blog with a post describing a little about myself.

First off, the title of the blog. I follow SJSU's SLIS program on Facebook and students were asked to post a "shelfie" during the summer. To the left is a photo of one of my bookshelves I uploaded to the comments section. I hope that if you visit my page, you will add your own shelfie too!

I love young adult fiction and have been an avid reader of the genre for several years now. I am so excited to begin this project because I am eager to share with others and promote these titles. Wish me luck!